Help with running and managing my calendar

Hey there

My name is Errol and I am the owner of Uncle Easy's Bed & Breakfast in South London

Is there anyone who is experienced (and perhaps likes doing, or find this sort of thing easy)  willing to sort out and manage my calendar?

I have three rooms in one apartment on a housing estate in Stockwell that i list on Booking.com and Expedia. I have also signed up with Little Hotelier Property management Service.

However I am still plagued by overbookings/relocations etc.

I admit I don't know what I am doing and I am not interested in tutorials. I really need someone to actually sort out the outstanding issues and the ongoing management of my calendar ie availability, promotions etc and I am prepared to pay somebody to sort it out for me. I will provide passwords etc.

Please call me on 07848963715 or email wordonthekerbuk@gmail.com or message me here or wherever



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