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High-Quality Channel Manager for Booking.com+Flipkey+Homeaway?

Hi there,

I would be very grateful for your very best recommendations for a channel manager to manage 8 to 15 self-catering (vacation rental) properties in the UK.

The channel manager would need to have:

- Full compatibility with Booking.com, Flipkey, and preferably HomeAway (OwnersDirect)

- 2-way syncing of availability and rates between all these channels and the channel manager itself

- Fast, reliable syncing to prevent double-bookings

- A clean, modern user interface, with detailed options for rates / availability

- Ideally, the ability to integrate a 'widget' into our own website to view availability / take bookings

- Ideally, a free trial so we can try it out before committing

I am currently looking into Orbirental, Lodgify, HotelRunner, Sirvoy, RentalsUnited and others.

Thank you very much!


4 Replies


MyAllocator from CloudBeds.

2 years ago

Hi John, did you find anything good yet ?

I started to use siteminder but not %100 sure about it. I have 7 self catering units and trying to connect all channels. Pls let me know how you connect booking.com to homeaway.

Thanks in advance.


2 years ago

We own several vacation rentals in the US and use Checkfront for a booking engine, and MyAllocator for our channel manager. They sync together and work REALLY well. We've tried dozens of other booking/channel managers and always come back to these two. They are a fraction of the price of some of the big names out there - but work twice as well. We tried Orbirental & Lodgify, but they didn't even come close.

If you want to see them in action, or website is: www.dawsonretreats.com

2 years ago

Hey Anastasia. I also use MyAllocator.
Can you share how much Checkfront booking engine cost? Is it a fixed monthly rate or you pay percentage for each booking made?

2 years ago