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How many room types do you have with Genius rates? Can I have only one room type?


I recently noted that Genius programme is activated for 2 of my room types.

We had 12 apartments but now they are only 5 and 2 of them selling through Genius which  is two much for us.

When we started the programme we started with only 1 apartment for Genius and this is how I need it to stay now. My account manager says we are not able to change anything and I am not able to set only one apartment?  Is this true and waht is the way to put only 1 apartment available for this programme.

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If your account manager said that it is not possible, then it is not possible.

2 months ago

Pibomarco, you have slammed the door on this host. Perhaps it is not possible, but it is a legitimate concern. BDC must be open to listening to their hosts and, whenever possible, making changes. That's the way a good company is run.

1 month ago

I'm just stating the facts. They probably considered this option, but obviously most hosts decide to activate Genious program for all their room types instead of none, which is better for being more competitive on the market and also for hosts to be ahead those that doesn't use this program.
I am on since 2009 and they indeed improved much since then (as being host friendly).

1 month ago