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Incorrect photos and links on 'my' Google Page

Has anybody else had this problem?  For around a year now, (or maybe Google?) have been linking photos and information relating to a competitor business on 'our' Google Page. 

Both of us (the competitor and our business) are customers.  The photos have logos, and link through to the competitor Page.  

So when potential customers type The Swinside Inn into Google, they see a mixture of photos of The Swinside Inn, and another business.  There are around 100 of the competitor business.

If they click on photos and book, they end up booking with the competitor (confusing for everyone - it took us a while to work out why people were telling us they'd stayed in our 'annexe' in the past!).  And if they miraculously manage to book with us, they may wonder why, upon arrival, it doesn't look like the photos they've seen.

Either way, we don't come off well.  And loses commission as we charge more, and have more rooms than our competitor.

As I say, this has been going on for a year now.  Google blame, and blame Google.

Anybody got any suggestions?


Swinside Inn


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Yes, tried that. Several times.

1 year ago

Thanks for reaching out :-)

The Partner Forum has been created as a platform for Partners to help with one another.

This seems like something you might want to get help with through your extranet inbox instead of a fellow partner.

Best of luck!

1 year ago