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Insight in average ratings of guests


Like all property owners the ratings of our guests are an important indicator how we are doing and where we need to improve. 

Sometimes we are told a '10' is for God only, so we never rate a property with a 10. I can understand that point of view but it makes interpreting the ratings given hard. Do they rate us with a 7.5 for comfort to avoid giving a 10 or was in their opinion something wrong.

What I think that would help us understand 'odd' ratings is per guest an overview what ratings they gave before compared to the average of that property without enclosing the name of the property. 

Unfortunatly uploading an image or inserting tables to this forum showing an example to explain what I would like to see is not possible but you can view an example using this link:…

What do you think, would it help you to get an overview like this or am I wrong?




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