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Kindly live my property !

Dear Partner

Greetings from Zojilla houseboats

Kindly live my property and make it bookable for guests. Also i would like to edit my property listing name to Zojilla Houseboats from its current name of Zojila Group of houseboats. Please do the needful and update these changes immediately.


Yusuf Sheikh

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How do i make my property live for bookings..cant find the blue bottom to make live

1 year ago

I am also trying to find out how to make my property live and bookable again. I closed and made it unbookable and would like to start advertising again but there is no way to do it online.

1 year ago
Syakirah Mohamad

I’m working in hotel company so i’m have to do sales using my account but still under company because the payment will pay to the company how come I cant live my property. And what did happen to the code that sent I mean how’s the procedure tho please make it more easier and detail.

7 months ago