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Oh My god is it actually possible to get hold of anyone at booking .com direct rather than go on a forum and fish for the correct answer

-i have rooms that are only allowed to have children in them how can you do this as there is only a no of person option which indicates adults can stay there

-the room description shown on booking com choices does not reflect my properties

-no one told me that booking .com would take all the money until the month after the guest has left as my existing property the card details are forwarded to me to charge



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Veronika Group

You can call CS in order for them to add children occupancy to your rooms in addition to the existing adult occupancy.

From your post, I can see that you have unknowingly enrolled in 'Payments by' where facilitates all the payments for you and gives you that money next month by the 15th. You can opt-out from this by visiting 'Finance>Payments by' in your Extranet and following the deactivation instructions at the bottom of the page.

1 year ago