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Offering a 2 bedroom apartment in 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom setting

Hello fellow hosts,

I have a 60 m² apartment that I'm renting as a 2-bedroom apartment for 6 guests at the moment. The problem is that I'm not getting as much reservations like my 1-bedroom apartments that I'm offering in the same building. 

My idea now is to offer the 60 m² apartment in both 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom setting so I could attract couples or business travelers for a cheaper rate as well. In the 1-bedroom setting, only 1 bedroom is available to guests. I'd lock the other room to reduce cleaning cost.

I was thinking about creating a second listing but this would mean I need to update 2 calendars and I'd be getting reviews on 2 different listings instead of one. Also the support told me if I create a second listing at the same address then it will be detected as a duplicate by the system and it will be closed.

The support advised me to have a rate for 3 persons, so I'd have the same calendar. The issue with that is that people wouldn't know it's for 1 bedroom only and also the pictures of both bedrooms will be shown in the listing.

The support was unable to help me. Have anyone had experience with that? any tips? Here is my link:


Thanks alot in advance,



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