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One one room available message from not helpful

When I look at my listing on - i.e. what a customer sees it always says only one room available on our site irrespective of the number of rooms I do have available.  So this must put people off who are looking for more than one room.  Can this be changed?

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Aaltje B.

This is one of the things Gerrybarwell , that I like to see changed with upgrades for

It is a really strange and incorrect way of advertising.

Hope BDC sort it soon.

But do write them (helpdesk) to tell them that this info is not correct. The more people do agree this needs change, the better.

Thank you for bringing it up again.


Aaltje B.

5 months ago

Did your complaint make them change this stupid practice because I find it infuriating. On the weekend I had a couple who and asked if there really was only a twin room available and I had a double as well . They came and stayed for for 2 nights and when they were leaving said they would not use again

2 months ago