Other sites 'scraping' Booking.com (namely RentByOwner.com & Bedandbreakfast.eu)

Not sure if I should be concerned, but when I Google our property, other sites that I am not listed with are showing up with obvious Booking.com information scraped.

These sites actually show up above the Booking.com site.

If someone books through them, what is the implication for us?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, our property is just listed and our first renters are scheduled for August.

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Isle of Wight …

Are you sure those other websites are scraping property details? They could be "affiliate" sites, or something like Expedia, where they get a data feed from Booking.com ....

To find out for sure, try to book your property through one of them - look carefully at what text information is displayed - it might redirect you to Booking.com ....

1 year ago
Amy Celona

Thank you, that is what it appears to be doing!

1 year ago