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please i need some help

hi! I need some help I just had my villa on this site is for 4 person there are 2 bedroom. 1 bedroom with a king size bed and one more bedroom with two single beds  .when I check my villa on the site I only find it when I type 2 person one room can I fix this saying 2 bedrooms 4 person?

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Evening partners. I am new to and can not understand why there is no verified credit card necessary to book my cottage. What happens if guests don't arrive, how does get money from guest. What happens if a guest is a con artist, books for 1 night and then leaves with half my stuff? Please help!!!!!!

1 year ago

currently I have the same property register twice. this is now very confusing.

if I open I see the property that I deregister, and I do not see the property I register.

my number: 3458970

My property is Sleep@Dias, Betty's Inn must be deleted.


Abet Faber

1 year ago