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Price parity and ranking

Hello everybody,

I have been trying to increase the ranking of our two hotels in Amsterdam.

Now the content is at 100%, I want to improve my price performance. I am in perfect price parity with the others OTAs. is now making price snapshots on various metasearch such as TripAdvisor or Google in order to check the price parity. Problem is is displaying prices including taxes such as VAT while Expedia is excluding VAT in its displayed prices. automatically considers that we are in disparity even if it is just a matter of taxes. 

I have already contacted my AM regarding this subject but he did not seem to be really informed.

Any tips for me?

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I also have a problem with Price Parity. I keep receiving Alerts from regarding price disparity on Tripadvisor. I send many (MANY) messages to with sreenshots of the page of Trapadvisor ( same link they sent me!) showing THERE IS NOT DISPARITY ON PRICES!!!

I also tried to call the Hotel Support about it but NOTHING happened!

I keep receiving the allerts and I dont want my ranking tobe affected!!!
Someone can help me to understand??

11 months ago
Dino Hadjinicola

Simon its an excellent observation and i have noticed exactly the same thing. What i did was contact Expedia to stop tricking people by displaying rates excluding tax in the search listings. im awaiting a resolution from them but i will be following it up

1 month ago