What has your stay to offer that is unique to the area?

Our place is situated in a country with lots of cows. Our cows get lots of nice fresh grass, no artificial hormones to stimulate milk gift, the grass is not getting the fertiliser that makes it grow like mad. It grows naturally with lots of clover. Our cows live in the open fields and walk freely in the fresh air. The milk we can provide to guests if they are willing to try is unprocessed, natural milk with no added nasties. It contains no chemicals. So : yummy for your porridge in the morning or to add to your coffee to set you off for the day. All natural.  Photo to follow. What is your speciality or extra's you offer your guests?  Nuts or fruits from your backyard, a river to swim in, or a pickup from the airport? 


With greetings

Aaltje B.

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Benita Cyster

@Maria your goats are amazing - what a wonderful petting experience for children especially - I love anemones too - here in SA we buy the bulbs annually as it does not grow as freely as in your backyard - wow spring is indeed worldwide a stunning season - new life - thanking you for the meaning too - i just added that clever mental note. My daughter would love to travel to Greece one day - one day -....some day..... she just graduated yesterday got her Bachelor of Arts degree at University of Western Cape, and is currently studying honneurs degree in political Science.

@Katerinka12 your sharing of the technology of uploading pics are really a blessing dear. thanks

@Info fantastic fresh eggs, yes a priceless experience for any child - wonderful How about a profile pic added to your name - Katerinka12 is brilliant with tech advise.

@Kibokoafrica thanks for sharing pictures of Kenya. I recently had guests from your country. what are the fruits called in the picture?

have a fantastic day all. God bless

8 months ago
M Adamopoulou

Benita congratulations for your daughter....you must be so proud... If your daughter comes to Greece I would be more than glad to assist her in any way and of course be happy to share my home. Our children are living in Athens so we have plenty of rooms for friends...
Wish her all the best...
The goats are not mine. They belong to our neighbors but we visit them almost every day and especially with my granddaughter when she visits us on weekends.
Spring is the best time of the year... Everything is reborn...
Anemones are beautiful but last very little. They have already disappeared and new wild flowers are arising day by day....
This forum has so many interesting and help willing partners....
Wish all a happy new season...

8 months ago