"Your property isn't bookable beyond February 28, 2019"

Hi folks, first post on here after being a host for roughly one year.

Im being told to increase my property performance and seeing the following message:


"Your property isn't bookable beyond February 28, 2019

Add availability for future dates now to ensure reservations keep coming in. 
Tip: You can add availability up until February 2020"


However when I try and change anything there is no option to do so. A calendar pops up but everything is greyed out

Perhaps im missing something but any help would be appreciated


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Have you tried the "Bulk Edit" link directly below the room type in calendar?

1 year ago
Bundoran Surfer

Im really not sure whats going on,

It says im not bookable beyond Feb 2019 yet ive already taken a few bookings for July/August 2019

Any ideas? If not I think ill have to contact booking.com directly


1 year ago
Bandara Hotels…

Well as we cannot see your back-end so it hard for us to help you correctly. Best way to contact B.com directly.

Also you can check below point;

- close out

- allotment

- restriction setup

1 year ago