Booking Hero - What's your favourite story?

Hi everyone,

We know that all our hosts are heroes. You go above and beyond for your guests every day – and we love it when guests recognise the effort you make.

That’s why we started Booking Heroes. Every year, we ask our guests to nominate a host who has gone that extra mile for them. 

Thousands of guests nominated their Booking Hero, and we’ve chosen three worthy winners, including Kim and Jim from Peoria, Arizona. 

Check out their stories and let us know which one you like best: Italy, Uganda or New Zealand?


I am sorry, but I think it's improper place to ask that question. I can only say who is my favorite if I had a real experience with the host (being a guest in real life, not online host, who just chats about himself being super :) or I can nominate great hosts from this forum ??


I'm guessing the real intention here was to show how good the highest voted hosts were, which is most applaudable.

However, I do agree that we, as non-guests, have no place to state a preference.

Ilaria - Commu…

Thanks for your feedback Katerinka12 , I understand your point, however, this post wants to reward partners like you who always go above and beyond in their job. I've edited the subject line and I hope it's more relatable to you. 


"this post wants to reward partners like you" - how exactly are you going to do that? 


And please kindly explain that Magic saying, that Booking invented partners like you. 


When Booking sends marketing emails to everyone I could somehow understand that their marketing team is lazy to address to the name of the partner though it takes 1 minute to change settings of the email.


But when you address me personally on particular topic I am getting confused why would you say "partners like you". So, you want to reward other partners, not me. I don't know how can I help you...by making wow wow to partner X?


And excuse me, but those partners are NOT like me. First of all, I don't know these people. Second, I am Katerinka and I am unique ?

Ilaria - Commu…

Of course you are unique and very appreciated by me and the rest of the community. 

By partners like you, I meant celebrating people that run their business treating guests like family and been very helpful. 

You always provide help to other partners here, you write posts based on your experience that are full of tips useful to the community. You are a Booking Hero!

In this particular post, I just wanted to share videos of the winners with the community and ask which one they like most :)