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'Booking traveller Review Award for 2020'

I am so honoured to announce incredible success ‘Booking traveller Review Award 2020’ from

Consistency, emphaty, right team, right strategy. I am so proud to live that harmony with my guests together.

I am looking forward to be together as partners.

Thank you to my and Booking dearest team.


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M Adamopoulou

Congratulations Galata and welcome to the Partner Community.

Best wishes.


Hello Galata Flat 12pp! Thank you very much for sharing your secret of success. Welcome to Booking Partners Community! 

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M Adamopoulou

Nice photo... mine hasn’t arrived yet...

I guess it will take a bit longer... can’t wait to put it in a frame...

Best wishes...

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Le Balcon des Jasses

Hi, Everyone.

At the moment my Traveller Review Award (2020)?? do not arrive, still waiting.

BUT, 2020 is not correct, must be 2019, ass we just start working for 2020. 

Next. BDC makes the reward in October, and in October my Review was 9.4, but in December 2019, I had 9.5 or I was at the beginning of December 9.6. So I will get one in 9.4, a little disappointed.

Another Question: I'm taking payment my self, and visitors can pay with all king of credit/debit card or cash. I do not take a deposit. And here i will ask:

Does anybody get fewer cancellations with a Deposit paid?

And If BDC is taking a deposit, what is the price BDC charge for this service,  I can't find the answer. 

All the best to everyone, hopefully, we have many wonderful guests, evenBreakfast. global virus problems. Best regards Lucy.

Le Balcon des Jasses, France


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M Adamopoulou

Hi! Lucy, nice to hear from you...

My Traveller Review award has not come either...guess Reviews are on their way...

BDC has informed us that this year Award scoring has is the average score of the last three years, beginning from 2017 till 2020. 

Many partners did not like this at all...since the 2019 award is can find many comments about Traveller Review Awards if you search in the Partner Community.

The following link I am enclosing has more details about the Awards.…

The virus problem is indeed very serious and hope people will have no problems with travelling...

If BDC facilitates your payments you cannot take a deposit...they explained to me that payments are guaranteed by BDC so a deposit is not needed....

I dont use credit cards so I dont take deposits but I think most partners take deposits to eliminate cancellations but its better to have an answer from them.

Your breakfast table is wonderful and looks very delicious.

Thanks for sharing and wish you a beautiful weekend.