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Click. Magazine - now available in 30 languages!

Hi community,

I wanted to let you know that Click. Magazine is now available in all Partner Hub languages. Stay informed with the latest Booking.com developments, industry insights and expertise – in your own language! 

Get the inside scoop on recovery trends and the road ahead – as well as new ideas and opportunities for your business. Whether you’re a hotel, holiday rental, or other unique property, Click. aims to keep you informed, broaden your knowledge and help you continue delivering great guest experiences.

Check it out and let us know your favourite article in the comments. Want to read more about a certain topic or have an inspiring success story you’d like to share? We’re always open to suggestions. Let us know your idea in the comments below.


woot, thanks


as Rudy Guliani would say  'aaaall the networks'... nope ....all the languages ! ' , lol



M Adamopoulou

Thanks Nicola for update.


Click magazine has very interesting articles for all of us...its great that now it’s available in more languages...


I enjoy very much reading click magazine...is full of positive inspiration and new ideas...so many different  topics...travel, environment, technology, culture...


Happy reading ?



Myat Noe Oo

Thanks Nicola,

I am a Linguaphile, I like learning new languages as much as I can. Thank you for the updating and we can read any language as we wish. But reading in Burmese is more preferable as this is my language :P

Hope you all have a nice day!

M Adamopoulou

Wow Myat!!!   

Linguaphile!!! That’s amazing...

Have a beautiful day ?





Isle of Wight …

It's great that Booking.com can find the time to translate things into 30 languages but disappointing that Booking.com can't find the time to fix the many bugs in the Booking.com systems .....

michael beeston

Can we get the "click Magazine" in hard copy ?????.great for guests to read and to leave in Apartments/Houses/Rooms...........Maybe we have hard copies I am not sure..........MARIA  help me !! Hahah You know more than most about BDC. !!! 

M Adamopoulou

Ha...ha... Michael!!!

The only thing I know is that I know nothing!!!

I like magazines...your idea is great!!

As far as I know click is only digital...

It would be very nice to have monthly editions displayed in our properties...but with COVID-19 safety rules...paper, books...have been  removed...











michael beeston

Thanks Maria..............But once again/ Europe versus Australia ??.........Books and magazines are in All apartments and houses. (not sure about Hotels ??)


That's why we NEED an Australian Representative of BDC for the Pacific /Australia/New Zealand Region, who SPEAKS and Understands our problems , which occur in OUR area NOT Europe.

Now thats a very good IDEA !!!


Rain has stopped ..30 Degrees ..BBQ this afternoon. Wish you were here to teach  us some Greek Cooking !!!.and  The Champagne and Beer  is cold cold haha

M Adamopoulou



Wish I was there too...to taste your delicious Bbq delicacies of meat, fish, crabs, prawns....


Yes, I think you can be the best representative in Australia/New Zealand region...

Hope BDC can take your idea into consideration...

That is certainly an excellent idea...I think you have to forward your suggestion directly to BDC...


Greek Cooking...maybe I should include my cooking lessons in my Rates...another idea...ha..ha...what do you think???


Enjoy your cold beer ? 

michael beeston

I have been thinking about "Click" and the BDC Group lately and think:-

1. Europe

2. Americas

3. Australasia

and ask the question..............Why is Click always in Europe ??  the cost of anyone travelling from Australia is prohibitive to say the least.so why dont we have a "Click" in this region once every few years. Lately I have noticed many of the articles and reports about Covid and sustaiabilty are from an European viewpoint and maybe Not a World Wide perspective ?? (correct me if I am wrong) Sergei ?? do we have a Representative in Australia ??? to listen to OUR problems which in many cases are completely different to Europe and America ?? we are ALL in the Hospitality business but we have very different methods  of doing business  culturally wise and politically...............what do other Aussies think of having a "Click" meeting here in Australia...........or am I a " Lone Wolf"..............just ideas !!!

M Adamopoulou


Surely your hospitality problems differ from European and American ones...

Australia is not a country...it’s a continent with different culture and amazing nature...a place that everyone wants to explore...


It would be a great opportunity for all... if BDC could arrange a “click” event in Australia...maybe this way partners from all over the world have a chance to visit and explore this remote stunning continent!!!




Take care❤️

backpackers an…

noisotros si ofrecemos dessayunos, es la mejor opcion para poder atraer clientes, aunque somos un sitio backpacker hemos logrado atender publico de negocios y tenemos una calificacion 9.2 es una muy buena opcion.