Close hotels

Do all UK hotels have to close down totally because of the corona virus, I cannot find any information solely for hotels as to if they should totally close or is it just pubs & bars that the UK Government are refrering to? Also if we don't have to close can we still serve residents food & alcohol. Then if someone gets ill while staying at hotel do they have to pay for any extra stay due to having to isolate. It's a mine field with no straight direction and surely should be closed or open.

If anyone knows the rules on forced closure for hotels please let me know.


You mean to look at local council announcements. 


After that it's entirely up to you.


I have . No information available. This can affect insurance policy, if I choose to close possibly they will say that was my choice to loose revenue so will not insure loss of profit, if I stay open they may say I took the risk & caught the infection and if residents get ill while staying, who will pay for extra time in isolation? I think I will close.