Did anyone attend Click 2019 in Amsterdam in September?

We went to Amsterdam from Australia to check out the company and the message it wanted to deliver to it's partners. It was worth while - the theme was connectivity. The one thing I noticed when attending some of the presentations was the un-connectitvity of the attendees.  I would sit down say hello and the peson 9/10 was peering down into their phone checking FB or similar.

It was a well organised two day event and some of the presenters were very entertaining but deliving a very interesting message about future travel trends.

Our property is Eco friendly, (has been for about 15 years) - a theme which was coming through as a trend for the future. But on the booking website it is not possible to find out about our Eco status. We discussed this whilst at the conference with the partner hub and hope they can rectify this.

We also brought to their attention our desire to change the order in which our rooms are presented...we hope this willl change too.

Thank you for the opportunity to attend an international event booking.com.

Alex - Content…

Hey Gina! Alex here from the Hub team. Just caught sight of your post, and I wanted to say it was a great pleasure meeting you at the event! :) I also wanted to sincerely thank you for your thoughts on how to improve. While some things can't be changed right now, the dev teams are working on iterations that will enable adjustments. On that note, I'm actually speaking to some folks at the moment to see how your feedback can be addressed. Will reach out as soon as I can!  

Leandri Klopper

Hey Gina,

Always great to hear about a Booking.com Click event! I haven't been fortunate enough to be able to attend one, but here is to hoping for the future. 

Ironically the Booking.com platform has hundreds of Amenities and Facilities that you need to tick and confirm and post photos of, so something huge like being an Eco friendly resort should naturally be there. I'm super glad to hear you got to speak to people about it and that it is being worked on. 

Can you maybe elaborate what you mean about how the rooms are presented? I'm also having some hiccups with guests coming back and telling me that they expected something else than what they saw online, but luckily no huge issues. It would be nice to have a bit of a better way of doing this.

We as property owners understand the Booking.com platform and how to read it but I think that the guests who use it and make bookings on the platform seem to not understand the lingo. For instance the use of the word "Room". I have a 2 bedroom lodge available, and when the guest books one of those, it is called one Room (which is the 2 bedroom lodge). I get bewildered guests phoning me and telling me they didn't book one Room, they booked a two bedroom unit. Meanwhile, it's just the terminology throwing them off. 

Interesting topic, thanks for the post! Keep well.