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Do you offer breakfast at your property? 

We recently published an article about the rise of ‘Breakfast to go’ and how to make it work for your property, and I wanted to share it with the community. 

When Coronavirus hit, properties around the world closed their buffets as concerns for health and safety soared. For this article, we interviewed a partner who found themselves pivoting at the beginning of the pandemic to offer alternatives to their popular breakfast buffet. 

What does breakfast look like at your property? Did it have to change during the pandemic?

Sergei - Commu…

Hello, The Redcliff! What an amazing breakfast! Thanks for sharing.

The Redcliff

This was are answer to the problem served in the room now that we are open once more we have 2 sitting in the breakfast room to comply with the rules and still give the guest the option of the room service basket.

M Adamopoulou


This breakfast looks delicious!!!

I don’t offer breakfast but my guests can prepare their own breakfast with the many goodies I provide to them…eggs, milk, yoghurt, butter, marmalade’s…most of them from local producers…


Wish you a great season!!!


Mattias Lundberg

I find that a good breakfast you can charge a lot for has to be in a cozy environment. If not it will not work.