Four ways to optimise your short-term rental listing

Hi Community,

I’m back with another Click. Magazine must-read. In this article, Senior Product Marketing Manager Alessandro Pacilio reveals actionable insights you can implement during recovery to help attract demand to your property. 

From displaying high-quality content to diversifying the policies and rates you offer, Alessandro shares how you can optimise your listing during these challenging times. 

How have you optimised your property since the start of the pandemic? Have you stocked up on board games to entertain guests? Or perhaps you’ve invested in new cleaning measures. Let us know in the comments.

M Adamopoulou

Thanks for informing us...

Have added sanitizers in Cleaning routine...

Added in amenities masks, sanitizers, gloves etc.

Clean...clean...sanitize and double check that everything is right....

I thought board games were not allowed!!!

Am I wrong???


Pauline @ Chal…

In France, board games are not allowed anymore unless you santise them..

I don't see how we are going to spend time cleaning monopoly money or pictionary cards..

Guests take their gaming items to play on the smart tv..


put a bottle of spray cleaner in the room for them to use

Samantha Hawes

Hello, I’ve added cleaning products, two bottles have been stolen.  Sanitiser  also just disappears, and I don’t mean the empty bottle is left, the entire thing is gone.  Can’t afford to keep up with this! 

M Adamopoulou

Sorry to hear that!!!

Its very bad when people do that.

Of course you can report it as a misconduct in your Extranet...

Take care.

Regina Makayi

We have also experienced that.   All sanitizers disappeared from the rooms

M Adamopoulou

Pauline...I agree...you cannot sanitize monopoly...

BDC has advised us to remove books, paperwork, toys etc...

Alberto awat

Hi, I've provided sanitizers and two bottles of cleaners, and alcohol.

M Adamopoulou

Hi Alberto and welcome to the Partner Community.


Very thoughtful of you to provide sanitizer, alcohol...


Wish you well.

M Adamopoulou


Congratulations again for your great effort to please your guests and make their stay memorable!!!




We enhanced service by providing branded hospitality amenities inclusive of mosquito repellent & shower gel. We earned 8.1in awards. We are working on branded uniform f our staff 

M Adamopoulou


Branded amenities is a great idea and guests can take them with them as a gift reminding them of your hospitality.


Wish you happy guests?