How Booking.com is supporting you on your sustainability journey

I recently came across an interesting stat that I wanted to share with you all. Did you know that 70% of global travellers would choose a specific accommodation if they knew it was implementing sustainable practices? With the pandemic shining a spotlight on the impact of travel, it makes sense that travellers are becoming more eco-conscious. So, how can you capture the demand for sustainable options? 

In our latest Click. Magazine article, we hear from our Head of Sustainability on Booking.com’s commitment to sustainable travel – and how partners are being supported on this journey through global partnerships, industry initiatives and product development.

We’d love to know: what sustainability measures do you currently carry out? Share the steps you’re taking in the comments. Or, even better, let us know in the Facilities & Services section of the extranet so we can display them to guests.

Isle of Wight …

It's great to hear that Booking.com want to support us on our "sustainability journey".

But I would rather Booking.com supports hosts / owners / partners by fixing the many bugs in the Booking.com systems, especially the broken calendar sync. That will be a much greater benefit to more owners than supporting us on "sustainability" ever will.

Sergei - Commu…

Hi, Isle of Wight Vacations! I see you raise this topic in the Partner Community very often, and I absolutely support you on your journey. But let's agree that there is no need to do it under the post about sustainability. 

If you want to get more attention to the topic, you need to find the relevant conversation and add more comments and suggestions. The more partners will join your topic, the quicker it appears in the trending tab. This is a pretty transparent system (of course, if the post is very old, I would recommend starting a new conversation). All partners have equal chances to influence the Community Agenda. I hope this works for you. 

M Adamopoulou

Hi Nicola!

One of my favorite sessions today in Click 2021 was...


“Discover how we can rebuild sustainable tourism together”


It was a great presentation.

Speakers were  knowledgeable, engaging and inspiring!!!

Hope partners didn’t miss it...but if they did it is available in demand in click 2021....


Some of my sustainability practices are....

I provide  water cooler

Guests have the option to reuse towels 

No daily cleaning service is provided 

I have only energy-efficient LED bulbs

All windows are double glazed

Solar water heating system 

Bicycle parking 

Flowers, plants, trees surrounds the property 

No small plastic toiletries 

Only paper straws 

Only glassware 

No plastic cutlery and tableware

Only glass bottles


Small practices but if BDC supports us more....we can make sustainable travel available to everyone!!!


A great support from BDC  would be if they  could lower their commission to properties that have sustainable practices and want to invest in new technologies for reducing food waste, plastic consumption,water consumption, energy consumption and using green energy etc.


Yes, together we can save our planet...???


michael beeston

As always.............Well done Maria..............Great idea to ask BDC to lower their commission to Partners who use the Sustainable Practices as much as possible.............BDC Encourage us to SAVE the Environment.!!! (as much as we can)

We ONLY use Large Plastic Containers for Shampoo and Conditioner BUT they are Re-Cycle Plastics ONLY and we fill them up from a 5 litre container............So we NEVER USE the small plastic toiletries......Every bit Helps !!!

Sergei - Commu…

Hi michael beeston! Thanks for your comment. Good point about how to encourage more partners to use more sustainable practices. Please stay tuned cause we are going to have more posts about it in the Partner Community. :) 

M Adamopoulou

Thanks Michael for your kind words...

It would certainly be a great support if booking.com could lower their commission to properties that are qualified...Sustainable Programme!!!

Do you have recycling bins in the Pinnacle???




michael beeston

YES !!!.All of Australia has recycle Bins. (3 Bins)

1. Normal House hold Rubbish

2. Recycle products

3. Grass/plants/Vegetable matter/Garden Rubbish Only.

M Adamopoulou

Three bins!!!

Oh! You probably have too much rubbish...ha...ha...


Unfortunately, In Greece no one has recycle bins...or maybe very few...

We only have public huge recycle bins but very few people recycle...or they don’t recycle the right way...especially when the ordinary bins are full...people throw their rubbish in the recycle!!!awful!!!


I try to recycle and give leftovers to neighbors chickens and turkeys...a more natural way to recycle...ha...ha...





M Adamopoulou

Hi Sergei!

Let’s hope that next year we can all attend Click summit in live!!!



michael beeston

Nicola...........Where did you get the figure of 70% of Worldwide travellers ??? In Australia Hardly Anyone  asks that question.......maybe it is only Europe.


But we are trying our best to make sure we are in agreement with the sustainable systems.......Michael

Nicola Donovan…

Hi Michael, thanks for your comment!

The stat is from global Booking.com research. Great to hear you're trying your best to work sustainably!

michael beeston

Thanks Nicola..........It must be Europe, I just dont see it almost anywhere in Australia..............We manage 54 apartments and 12 Holiday homes and virtually see NO sustainability.  .. YET !!!!


I read many comments on BDC Community and a lot of it does not seem to be applicable in Australia ????.Do you have an office or Represenative in Australia who can "SPEAK" for us Partners in Australia ..Not Europe ???


Thanks and appreciate your answers................Best regards  Michael  The Pinnacle.