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How do you deal with food waste? What’s your system?

We recently published a new section in our Sustainability Handbook devoted to reducing food waste

One of the options you can choose in the extranet to show your focus on sustainability involves promoting a food policy. A food policy includes education, food waste prevention, reduction, recycling and disposal. And that made me wonder: how do our partners in the community tackle this? 

What do you do to encourage guests to use less food and water or dispose of waste properly? Do you compost? What’s been your experience around dealing with food waste?



The  first problem is getting others to follow a policy for this.


So if you have a compost bin in back of garden, its getting people in property to separate and then put it into the compost bin.


Many will just say - 'feck this', lol, and then go throw everything into the one bin out front for the binmen to take.


And even worse is if people are lazy and mix waste such as pizza , food containers into the Green recycling bin, once that gets to the processing center , the moment they see contamination by food attached to the packaging, it gets rerouted to landfill.

Even with a kitchen press door clip on to hold a plastic bag for food waste when preparring food, they still mix other things in, pure laziness.


Kind Regards.

Isle of Wight …

It's great that you're taking an interest in food waste. It's a shame you don't take an interest in the many bugs and problems with the systems, like the faulty calendar sync and the nonsense reviews system.


indeed, passive sync for calendar is NOT an option.

M Adamopoulou

Thanks Eric for your article!

Food waste....needs continuous education...


My parents were both born before the second world war...too many dreadful stories of their relatives dying from hunger...


In my home, I try very hard  to convince everyone to  no food and water waste...

I urge my guests to give their leftovers to our nearby chickens, turkeys, goats, sheeps...

Guests like this idea very much....especially the kids....they have a chance to see and pet  these adorable domestic animals...


Sharing is caring!!!



M Adamopoulou

Hi again!


A different way to compost!!!

Potato peels, carrot peels, lettuce...for my hungry  chickens...their delicious eggs will be their sweet gift to🐥🐣🐔🐏🐓🐇🐤