Is it ok to be afraid of new technologies?

Hello partners, 

New technologies are usually exciting, but sometimes people don’t feel comfortable with something new, something they don’t know well or cannot understand how it works. Let’s take an example. When the elevator was first introduced, people were scared of the unknown and didn’t want to ride it without an operator.

From pilotless flights to emotion-based artificial intelligence (AI), the emergence of new technologies will undoubtedly impact the travel industry. But will this kind of fear hinder innovation? Futurist and social psychologist Thimon de Jong shares his thoughts: 

How comfortable do you feel when using new technologies? Evaluate it from 0 to 5, where 0 is “I don’t feel comfortable at all” and 5 is “I feel absolutely comfortable”. Please, put your number in the replies to this post.   

Joel Bennesher

Hi Sergei

To which "new technology" are you referring specifically? I am rather scared of outdated technologies than new ones..



I mean in general. Like smartphone, smart home.


5 here as well.

Everyone owes it to themselves to know how these things work/what they can do. As hospitality folk we often called on by guests to sort problems on their devices, this we happily do.

Once in the know you can then decide if you need/want each such device in your life.

For example, I personally have no need for any type of smart-watch at this time so I haven't purchased one.