Getting frustrated cause of inefficiency of booking.com support team vol.2

dear All,

I have 3 properties listed on booking.com, from which one has the best review for the entire Alanya (the rate is 10.0 based on 11 reviews).

Mistakenly, I have added my new property under city of Mahmutlar instead of Alanya (Antalya region, Turkey). So I have read on booking.com support page that in order to change the address you have to contact directly booking.com via extranet account. I did it, and after several calls I had with them and a lot of explanations about reasoning, they have confirmed that my request is submitted on Tuesday (16th of July 2019) and that I will be informed about address change completition in next 2-3 days. As I had NOT receive the call from their side, I contacted them again on Sunday (21th of July) to urge address to be changed asap. They told me it will be done on Monday (22th of July). Since that, I have real nightmare with more than 5 calls per day (approximately every call has duration around 1.5 hours) with inefficient, incapable and very rude support! S ome of them told me that everything will be changed successfully in nearest future like 1 day or 2 days, while some of them told me it is not possible to change it as Mahmutlar is enough wide area (but it is neighborhood, not CITY!) and third of them told me that they have already changed it on Group Home view (what is really visible) but that there is tehnical ISSUE in their system and that's why change cannot be propagated to FRONT-END servers. I have informed many times them with prove that even in the same building where my apartment is located, there are other apartments but which are listed under Alanya (NOT Mahmutlar!) and that there are many properties which are even 5km far from city center than mine is and still listed under Alanya. Some of their employees told me that I have right and they will do something to solve it and they will contact me - but GUESS - Never happened! Other told me they have miscomunnication with local office in Antalya and that they are guilty why it has not been changed. Every time when I contact them, I've got communication with different person to whom I must explain everything from beginning of this long-lasting issue. I cannot believe to whom we give 18% of commission for our rentals! I lost high season because of incapability of their employees to change simple data as the city is! Btw, one of them told me "Sir, I really cannot help you" when I ask him to change address or give me contact of someone who is capable of change it. What to expect if there more serious issue appear than this one? At the end, I will emphasize that this is not the first time I encounter with misinformation and very rude behaviour by Booking.com support (check link at the end). However, I ask few times to get in touch with management, but no one shared with me contact of any managers! At the end, I feel really exhausted and powerless to continue this nightmare. My last resort and hope is that someone from their management will find this and contact me or at least someone will share the information how I can proceed with escalation towards management in order to finally end with this nightmare. On contrary, I will just close my account and continue working with AirBnB and other providers which are more reliable.


Best regards, Aleksandar