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Always Welcome Guests

We live on site to our guest accommodation so always welcome our guests when they arrive and show them to the room and explain the amenities available to them during their stay. Also give them a little briefing of the local area (restaurants, places of interest to visit etc).

First impressions always count and makes the guests more welcome and able to contact us if needed.

We also like to be there when they leave and have a chat about about their holiday and leave them with a lasting impression of us and our place.

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Steve White

I agree with this. We live on site as well and we don't just give guests a key and let them get on with it as we like to make sure they are aware of what is where and how things work. We also make sure they know that if there is an issue to come and ask us or let us know if something isn't working so that there is less chance of a review saying there was a faulty tv for the whole of their stay.

We feel this is far more personal and gives the guest more confidence that you want them to enjoy their stay and that they can come to us with queries or complaints to be dealt with immediately and not in a review. This is what is lost in some newer establishments where the owners are either not on site or don't get involved as much in their own business.

1 year ago
Shahrzad Hone

I agree with both comments above. Guests love to be welcomed and shown to their units. Also we take the time to walk around our expansive gardens telling interesting stories about plant, trees, birds, etc. Guest like to feel they are getting personal attention.

We have self-catering units and guests are expected to bring their food with. However, as a gift we provide healthy provisions for breakfast and this is always received with much appreciation - a bowl of fruit, a home-baked bread, free range eggs, etc.

If we cannot be here to say goodbye, we make a point of going to their unit and say goodbye to them. They can then leave when they are ready.

Comments from guests are always about 'attention to details', which they appreciate.

1 year ago
Rita Strachan

I live off-site but always welcome my guests in person. I communicate with guests after they make a booking - they are therefore aware that they need to contact me about 5 minutes before arrival, I go to the lodge and welcome them and take them to their unit to check in and show them around. To me it just feel more "personal" to meet and greet my guests and not just leave a key somewhere in a key box or place for them to collect and find their own way. Surely it makes the guest also feel more special.

1 year ago
Tony Clout

I Totally agree with you Rita.

Also in this day and age as a private owner one likes to know who is staying at our place for security reasons.

We don't have the privilege 9 (or budget) for 24hour security like the big hotel chains so for us its always not only get to know our guests but to also make sure all is fine in that respect for our own peace of mind.

1 year ago
Shane Nicolls

I agree with all the above comments.

I also live on site of the guest house and always make sure I am there to welcome them. And, to be there 99% of the time when they depart.

I show the guests to their room, show them around the house, and if they have any questions..I am there to answer them. ie..things to do around the area and distances from different places of interest.

My personal feelings for their stay is to make sure everything is as I would like it myself, if it was my holiday, or stay over, being business or in transit.

This seems to work really well, hence I continue to get good reviews.

1 year ago