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Amsterdam Head Office

Does anyone out there have a direct contact number or e-mail for the head of marketing at head office?

We have a problem regarding's online adverts for which no-one at has taken accountability and we need to escalate the matter to a higher level.

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Veronika Group

Unfortunately, there is no way to contact them directly. Everything is centralised so you can only send an email to customer.service(at) or you can ask to speak to your Account Manager.

If you know the Marketing Manager’s name then you could assume their email address as they are universally formed like: name.surname(at) .

1 year ago
Villa Kaba Kab…

We too have a problem with the online / public listing, not Extranet, we have send over 30 emails since February 2019 explaining details with the public listing, to which we have no access, all we get is evasive replies, or telling us it is our villa listing, so we are responsible and today our villa listing would not show up on booking search, we are advised that there are no rates posted from today, June 29 till December 31, 2019, which is impossible, because all prices have posted months ago, which is confirmed by many bookings we have received between today till December 31, 2019.

Had someone with access to our account removed our prices as solution to our ongoing public listing issues?

Why is no one at taking responsibility and helping us? We do generate fair amount of bookings and commissions for

Help would be appreciated.

16 days ago

Hi Villa Kaba Kaba Resort.

In our case mixed up our hotel with a similar sounding Rental House. It applied our name to photos of the other property and vice versa.

On's online adverts our hotel's name and image was used but when clicked on it linked to the Rental House's profile. As that house was reserved for most of the summer it always showed as having 0 availability. So, when anyone clicked on one of our online ads they were told that we had 0 availability.

We first reported the issue on 13th March 2018, and it was resolved by the end of June that same year. 

We received no explanation as to why the mix-ep happened and no apology. 

Our regional manager was of little help and there was no ownership of the issue from anyone at

At one point we were asked to stop contacting

We were subsequently told by an employee that it would have been quicker and easier to have erased the hotel's profile on and then started again with a fresh profile.

Good luck! We hope that they sort out your issue sometime.

16 days ago

Hi again.

I was just reminded of another issued that happened with us.

The hotel is located in a very cosmopolitan Spanish town called Sitges. The town is very gay friendly even to the point of some hotels marketing themselves as hetero-friendly.


In mid-May of 2014 we noticed on's online adverts that the hotel had been renamed 'Gay Hotel Sitges'.


It was not until the end of October 2014 that the issue was resolved and the hotel's correct name started to reappear on's online adverts.


We never received any apology or explanation as to what had happened!

We were never kept up to date on progress – we always had to ask BDC what was happening.

Nobody at BDC ever took ownership of the issue and we were often passed around from one person who knew not much to another who equally knew not much.


As said in my previous post Good Luck!

13 days ago