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Bad guests make damage, behaved not nicely and after that leaves bad grade without comment

Hello everyone.

One simple question: Why not delete review without comment in situation in which that guest make damage and behave not nicely ( we informed about that probem)?

They say to us we can not do anything in case they know that bad review causes us damage on internet and in our financial budget beacuse they made few hundred euros of damage.

Do you maybe know situation in which take some actions and delete review for the guest who makes damage? Why is sense of business in which someone makes damage and after that leave bad review?

Thanks a lot for reply and help.


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Magdalena De Reuck

I am so sorry that you had to go through this as well.
I am a very enthusiastic host..and loves to treat and host guests in our Beach House
We love children and nothing is nicer to see how they enjoy the beach and the shells and the rockpools with their parents.
I recently hosted a family from the Holy Land.
I offer to cook for families.
Ariving from far..because we live in an isolated small vilage with a restaurant which closes early some days and travel with kids is so taxing. And expensive to eat in restaurants with 3 kids as well.
After discussing the simple home cooked meal and options we agreed to a menu that the kids would enjoy.
They came..we met..they enjoyed and complimented the food. And then all changed ..for as I downstairs in the bottom house with my husband and boys..we can hear activity like jumping and running on our wooden house floor .
I asked nicely through whatsapp to promise the kids a suprise if they stop running ..and I will treat them with a reward
The dad said he did now have more authority after me asking. It helped a little bit . A precious clay pot given to me and hosting 3 years of kids from all over the world was broken by the out of controll running children.
So next morning I said as incentive that there is a dune cart available for the kids that behaved better. The poor cart was taken to sea..and left in the front of the yard open to public. The running became wilder and more out of control jumping presumably from our furniture in the viewing and reading room.
A request for washing came in..I said yes. The washer is downstairs. I will wash and put on the lines and they can take off later. A huge basket landed on my doorstep. I proceeded washing with care and hanged washing untill all the lines were available.
Then before I could do the last load..I got a message that my mom is feeling very bad..heartattack symptoms and I asked my teenage son to complete washing. He did. I left a messsage..available..and let guests know I am tending to my aged mom...and had to drive her to closest hospital 1.5hours away. They must please complete hanging when lines become avaiable again.
When payment for food was discussed..I was told that they didnt ask for certain foods..desert but it was eaten anyway. AS THE price was discussed , the youngest child eventually ate for free..They didnt wash dishes ..every utensil and every plate 24 and mugs 14 and knive and fork in my house was used and left covered with food . After leaving my, boys and husband had to help me evacuate the kitchen ..and I litteraly had time to clean the house in 4hours . It was so disrespectful how the house was treated. Hair in shower plugs ..hairdye on floors and cabinets The bathroom floors were soaked in water ..we have a wooden house...and the showers plugged with plugs . Toilets were left disgusting ..not flushed maybe for 2 days ?
My genuine care to find out the needs and plans for my guests backfired in a
Bad way in a meanworded review. I help guests plan activities and to tell them about interesting places etc.
I work very hard for my review scores.
Not everybody takes time to review
But the mean review has had a damaging effect of lowering our score and influenced nearly one year of good reviews effect
I would want our forum remove a false personal and unbalanced review and score. They can see that my property is not worth this score..
We do our best to promote and serve why would they not have my back when I am harassed and humiliated by a mean person who ate and enjoyed excellent care and housing for his family but did not like me asking to refrain his children from running wild in our precious home ..decorated with special care and a lot of beautiful locallly made pots and shell features.
It was rhe first time in 3years I had to ask a parent..and that I had a chandellier in our bottom house swing and hit the rafters !because our large ..stately beach house was litterally swinging on the stilts it was built on in the dunes of the Indian Ocean.
I need to know that has my back...I offer their guests extremely good value and care.
I expect the same from the forum that takes nearly a fifth of my income.
Score and reviews should be handled according to each scenario. can be glad you had no written mean review. But I am so sorry for your lower score.
Hopefully you can get it reviewed by this booking forum.
Do you have pictures or facts to substantiate your claim to an unfair review. I plan to offer all pictures that were taken with this family's stay.
My son took a pic of the full washing lines to tell me has done the job
I took pics of the dishes and showers
.toilet was too disgusting to film

11 months ago


I completely agree with this thread.

We also try to provide all our guests with the best service. We have the best will to make the experience of the guests as pleasant as possible.

However, we have had many cases when the guest breaks things, misbehaves, does not respect the rules of the house, etc. and the only thing you try to do is reminding them not to do certain things, or ask them to pay for the damages and you get a very low rate on a review without a comment.
And what can we do through Booking? Nothing. Just reporting it but there's no instant solution for the trouble we've been through.

The least should do is that, after reporting the customer misbehaving is deleting the review and deleting that rate since it is not fair to us to bear this kind of situation!
We should have 1st, the right to reply to that review and 2nd, take some measures!

So we would kindly ask to remove those bad comments of guests who damage our properties and misbehave, making the stay of other guests unpleasant, which also influences in their reviews.

It should not be accepted. Why shouldn't there be an option where a host could also send a review of the guest like Airbnb does? We do work with them too and guests behave because they know if they don't, we might write something bad too! It shouldn't be one-sided. Some people think that since they are paying, they own what is inside the bedrooms, and that is not it!

So, please, do something about it.

8 months ago