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Banning Guest Policies

 Weve not long been on however we feel it would be beneficial for the owner to be able to "Prevent" "Ban" a guest much later than the few days you are given as it seems some guests know how to play the game and wait to mark unreasonable scores down pretty much as they didnt like you personally rather than reflecting service loactiuon etc accurately in the appropriate sections.

Its happened twice to us now and if they arent happy then they should be "prevented to book again" when all other properties may be fully booked therefor being able to take ones scores even further down.

Also there should be a Guest Reviewing mechanism for the owners!

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We experienced a spate of fake bookings from North Africa. I requested the ability to just accept bookings from Europe,Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Korea and China but were told no restrictions are possible - they reacted like it was Trump's ban.

Probably hit the politically correct nerve, however what is the point of pretending you will get quality bookings from an area that gives you 99% fake bookings? Let their 'partners' decide who they want to do business with, we are the ones losing money.

9 months ago