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Best reviews.

Hello everyone.    We have had spectacular reviews this past year and I guess some of the resins are:-

1. I do the meet and greet personally and walk the guesst through the complex and Apartment, explaining to them all the features/facilities they have and can use. 

2. My partner Rita makes sure there are Chinese Fortune cookers for our Chinese guests , we also put in Chocolates for an anniversary and a Cold Bottle of Champoagne in the Fridge for the Guests to enjoy.

3 Extra size high quality Towels/hand towels and face washers PLUS beautiful soaps/shampoos/toiletries including toothpaste and toothbrushes. ( The cost is insignificant when you get wonderful reviews and so many bookings from word of mouth to ALL their friends.)

4. We try to be unique with Furniture from all over the World...China/Iran/Venice/Arabia/Japan....we were lucky to be expatriates and use a lot of our furniture and ornaments from All the World....A fabulous talking point with the guest. 

5. The Furniture/Bed/ is of TOP Quality and the guests LOVE it, we also have a VERSACE dinner set and crystal glasses to enjoy...Some of our guest say it is better than staying at Versace  hahahaha ,,A wonderful compliment.

5. As one of the other comments , we try so hard to make the guest feel part of the family NOT JUST ANOTHER PAYING CUSTOMER and it WORKS !!!

6. So many of the guest ask   "Can they take pictures ...the answer ..OF COURSE.

Hope this regards Michael and Rita...The Pinnacle Apartments Gold Coast australia.



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Hi Michael,

Great advice, thanks for sharing. With experience like yours, you could really help your fellow partners out. Have a look at the ‘Unanswered’ tab to see what they’re asking about!

Thanks again for posting :)

1 year ago