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Changing a booking

In order to make it as smooth as possible for our guests, is it possible for us to change a booking on their behalf. rather than refer them back to For instance guest books for 2 weeks, then advises will only be stay for 10 nights. Can we edit this? do we still get charged for the 2 week booking? Do we need to tell guest to alter booking through to avoid paying charges for additional nights? Thank You Marty

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I don't believe so.

Unscrupulous partners could use this to make bookings fit better!

The best method is for the guest to use "Modify Booking".

You can inform BC that the guest has left early but it requires confirmation from the guest so if they can't be bothered to answer BC's confirmation inquiry with them, you will still pay commission on the non-stayed part of the unmodified booking.

1 year ago