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Customer Experience destroys credibility to system

Just reviewed the new filter for guest experience and it showed 

28.6% of reviews have worsened your review score.

New filters added!

Click on the tabs below to filter guest comments by category, and find out what's positively and negatively impacting your review score.


The guest actually reported a 100% satisfaction rating but the system misunderstood what the guest was saying and thinks it was a negative remark.

The guest remark was:  

  • When my wife shut the curtains on the view

They were commenting how great the lake and mountain view was from the bedroom windows, and when they settled down to sleep, the wife automatically closed the curtains.  He was saddened by this.

So how is this considered by the system a bad review?   Are these reviews monitored by a human and is there a recourse to adjust the findings.

If not, then all the analytical information provided may be inaccurate depending on what criteria are being set in the programming.  This is just one example especially when a 28.6% low performing review was based on only 1 of 1 review.

I would appreciate look into fixing current problems first before adding new features.  Example, see post Template messages goes wacky when making adjustments 


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Yes I am with you on this and clearly the work of an AI bot which needs fine tuning - this is the way the world is going with bots going through vast amounts of information and trying to find patterns, forecast, etc (aka big data analytics). However my understanding is the guest ratings/scoring visible on the website remain unchanged and this is an additional feature available for the owners.

1 year ago