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 hello... can you explain me situation.... guest stay standard single room and he will stay 3 nights .  after 2 days one girl  came with him for few hour (mean prostitute ). will you charge money for secend extra guest ?

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Thuild - Your …

Dear Jeyhun,

If you have a single booking, you should arrange the room for that single person, not 2, therefore if he comes with someone, for a few hours, you really shouldn't charge him for that. But if that other person stays the whole night till the morning, then you should charge him something, depending on what she used extra.

Usually extra charge is for towels, toiletries, linen, bedding setup, breakfast and of course cleaning. See if she hits at least two of those categories and then you can consider a charge.

Best regards,

Zsolt -

10 months ago

I agree with Thuild. You cannot control who your guest brings in to his room - but an overnight guest should incur a charge.

Then again - we did have three female guests occupying our triple room who on departure were suddenly accompanied by a fourth male who it appears was kipping on the floor.

Annoying, but we let it ride as the cost to us was possibly use of the shower and WC at best - he must have used a sleeping bag as furniture was moved to make a space on the floor.

You have to weigh up the real cost against the cost of wagging the finger at the guests who in this case incidentally left happy and gave a great review - but who might have reacted very differently had we been pedantic.

Treat each on its merits based on how much revenue you are losing.

10 months ago