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Great reviews

Good old fashioned Customer Service.

Treat your guests like you like to be treated.

Exceed their expectations by going the extra mile.

And lastly enjoy their company and share your experiences with theirs

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Edwin John Amis

Thanks, Maryke. I totally agree with your points, although they are not all that easy to implement on an ongoing basis.

John Amis

1 year ago
Barbara Wilson

I completely agree Maryke. We have a B&B with two rooms for guests, if we were full all year around it would be difficult however we try hard to go the extra mile. It limits your time that you can have personal friends around as some guests like a lot of attention. You have to be aware who wants your time and who doesn't.

We give a lot of breakfast options, some guests want a different breakfast every day.

1 year ago
Maryke Wilson

Hi Edwin,
That's the challenge I love.
Each guest is unique and so its rewarding to find out their wants and needs and action them. I love it.

1 year ago
Linette Simpson

I run a B&B with 5 rooms and l live on site so l meet and greet my guests on arrival and if they have any problems they only have ask and it is sorted. I have a notice board with local info and info on the house . l light fire and put heater on before they arrive and the rest is up to them. I dont mind a bit of noise and leave them to it. Good luck l love what l do and hope they love there stay while they are here.

1 year ago
Jill Stonehouse

Fairly new at this game, currently renting out one studio, soon to open another one to guests, loving it so far, communicating with guests is sometimes challenging but mostly enjoyable.
Giving my guests what I would like and going that little bit extra to make them feel special.
Realize this is to be a challenge
long term, but looking on the bright side, its work from home and I like meeting people and hearing their stories. If you can convey to your guests that you want them to enjoy their stay then you have to make them feel welcome by the way the room is set up and its always the little things that people appreciate.
A simple little chalk board with a personalized welcome goes a long way in this regard.

1 year ago
Annette Louw

My Aim is a 10 out of 10!

After 3 years, I will say this:
Cleanliness is SUPER important!

I love giving guests what they need!

I have used a tourist grading guide to set-up my self-catering units.

I welcome all my guests and try to be aware of their needs and sort them out immediately.

Time is a great teacher! The more you work with people the more "sensitive" you become to who needs more "attentition" and who are simply satisfied with getting a key and off they go!

1 year ago