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guests rude behavoir - ignoring other guests

Dear Members,

i guess it is normal to have unwanted guests someday in your life as hotel.

We have 4 for rent in one property.

Its a small family run business, the owner is living in the property. We offer alot of free extra stuff like bikes, airportshuttle and invite our guests to a dinner with traditional grilled fish and squid because we believe to make the stay at our place special.

I wanted to ask for advice as we have five young men from UK (1996 and younger) who are not respecting our houses rules. They play loud music at the pool until late after midnight, drink beer in the pool and let the  empty glass bottles in the pool. They even dumped dirty towels in the pool.

We really kindly asked to respect our house rules and major important the other guests! And those little ignorant Men  just ignored us.. what to then? 

Personally i don´t care about losing money, can i force them to leave so that our other guests can enjoy thir holidys?

If we report them we are afraid of negative feedback..

Any help appreciated.


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Leandri Klopper

Hi AL,

Thanks for posting and sorry to hear about your troubles.

Sadly it is a lose lose situation. If you don't report them, then they won't leave and will continue their behaviour. Even if you don't report them, there is still a probability that they will review your negatively. Esspecially if you have been asking them to quiet down etc etc. You expect that from people who leave bottles floating in a swimming pool other people needs to use.

My suggestion is, warn them a last time that if they don't start respecting the rules you will report them. Then if they don't, report them on the extranet. That way you will be able to save future hotels etc their trouble. Yes you might get a nasty review from the guests, but remember that you can reply to those to save face. Or you can ask to not allow them to leave a review but I'm quite sure they won't do that successfully if I look at other posts in the forum.

I hope this situation gets a little bit better for you!

1 year ago
Zorka AL

Dear Leandri,

thanks for you fast reply - as i expected its a lose lose situation. I hope someday booking will introduce a rating system for guest, maybe that will help - but i think for booking its no interest.

All our guests so far have been realy great guests and it was a pleasure to host them, hope the next guests arriving this evening are also that way and don´t get too much disturbed by those rude young men..

Thank You :*

1 year ago

We had a similar experience and warned the guests to tidy up or leave, they made the right noises but the next night were even louder and stuck ham and cheese on all the other guests doors- We told them to leave- we reported them to and didn't get a review. You problem is more the other guests reviews if you don't sort out the problem.

The best solution is to make some house rules and limit the number of adults allowed in one room- we had six men in one apartment and with the set up were getting people who wanted to pay the least amount possible, with some help we changed our settings and made a rule no stag groups. Since we have had more families and couples who as they are paying slightly more are far more respectful. Charging for additional people in rooms above two also makes a big difference to the quality of guests.

1 year ago

Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet because of your review score and say to the guest please leave.
I was and still am in a situation where a guest wrecked my apartment. We told him to leave..
The guest not only left me a 2.5 but also left me a review which incited future guests to kill me.
It took me 3 weeks of emailing everyone, even the CEO to get the review removed but the 2.5 remains
Booking.Com like us all make mistakes

1 year ago

Wow Ditk8 that's just TERRIBLE! I personally would call BCom AND the police right away to have them removed. And I'd charge their credit card a damage amount (as stated in my policies).

1 year ago

It is your property, it is your rules, it is your business, you are always in control.

You have given them fair warning and asked for better behaviour. If they are not cooperating ask them to leave. It is for the best.

You must consider the nice guests. The horrible guests are not coming back, are going to leave a bad review or no review, which you can answer, the nice guests may come back or refer their friends.

You must explain to your nice guests the situation but you have to be seen to be correcting the problem. That is our oblgation as accommodation providers.

You must report the bad guests to immediately and have them blacklisted.

Good luck

1 year ago
Atila G

I had guests that had visitors in their room all the time- two other boys came regularly at their room. In the first place, they wanted another room, not the one they booked. I had other rooms available, so I fulfilled their wish. This room didn't have a balcony, and the first one had. When they were leaving, they commented that the room didn't have a balcony!!! The internet was weak, or there was no internet, the room was not clean and so on.They were looking for excuses so they could leave without the sense of guilt.

They shouted when they were climbing the stairs, they shouted when they were in the room, passed by the reception without saying Hello . I called the boy who rented the room and talked to him, told him that they can't have visitors in their room , and the next day they were gone. Now they will probably write negative comments on my property. I want to report their misconduct, but I don't know what kind of effect that will have. And can you imagine, the guests were minors travelling alone in a foreign country. And they were drinking alcohol all the time.

1 year ago
Kerrie Cox

Its interesting isn't it when people are on holidays, how they feel they can get away with anything. My thought when I read this is that perhaps after your warnings if nothing improves you have a security guard (friend) come over and explain that they have broken the guests rules, other guests have complained and now they have to leave, and have the security guard escort them to their room while they pack up and leave. That way you are not in the firing line when they are given notice. You would have to give them clear waring prior that if they continued their unwanted behaviour then they would be escorted off the property. Rather than allow them to put stress in your body worrying about what you should do, think of your other guests, and take action that is going to benefit you, your property and the genuine caring guests. This way you take back the control and you never know, even though these disrespectful guests may not admit it at the time, you could have an affect on them that changes what they do in the future.

Then look at your advertising and policies to ensure what future guests are seeing, and make your policies clear that will alert guests to the fact that this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated and guests will be immediately asked to leave in the guests rules are broken. Guests like this will most likely not read the policies, but you can print a copy and provide it to them if issues start to arise.

We recently had guests in our small boutique B & B who smoked. We asked them to not smoke around the building and gave them a sand bucket in a smoking zone in the garden. Unfortunately it was raining and obviously they felt that it was too wet to go out to smoke, so they chose to sit for hours in the bathroom with the fan on while smoking inside our beautiful accommodation room. When they left and we went in to clean the smell of smoke was everywhere. It took a concentrated effort to remove the lingering smell before the next guests arrived.

This was a great prompter for us to actually change our policies and make our complete property a non smoking area. So guests know that if they choose to stay with us, there is a no smoking policy onsite anywhere. I send a confirmation email for every booking and with a special note advising them that the property is a no smoking area.

For the odd guests that do not book because of this, or for guests that turn up and are obvious smokers, we will advise that if they would prefer to go elsewhere we will not charge them anything to cancel their booking. This decision we feel suits us and any future guests they stay with us... because as we know, if you are a non smoker, the smell of smoke in a room is horrible and makes the room feel unclean. So, we are happy to lose some guests to ensure the majority of our guests have a great holiday.

The one other thing you could do if you have people around the pool disrespecting the rules is get some friends or family members to act like guests and come to the pool area and crowd them out, letting them know that their actions are not cool...just a thought:)

Hope this helps


Belle la vie, Modanville NSW Australia

1 year ago
Robert Daniel

Kick them out. It is really that simple. If you also have a short agreement to sign when they check-in, even easier. If they refuse to leave, tell them you will call the police to have them removed and if they ignore that, do it.

They will adversely affect your business if you don't. Pm me if you like and I will send you a copy of the brief agreement we get everyone to sign when they check in with us. This ensures that everyone knows the rules, and they feel secure in coming to us when they see something happening that shouldn't be. But don't let it go, because it will get worse and you'll find more bookings like them coming in, based on their recommendation and feedback :)

1 year ago