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Guests stole all applinaces

We had 3 guys come stay last night and stole everything worth of value. TV, Apple TV Streamer, microwave,Slow cooker, sandwich maker, new retro kettle and toaster, quenn duvet set and inner, hairdryper ect.  What to do?? The police havent even arrived.  I dont understand if has their credit card details why cant they charges be deducted.  That was R9000 worth.  We are just humble balle teachers trying to subdidise our living.  There is no help for us!  I have never received any ''cancellation fees'' what cancellation fees?  We are devastated!!  We cant replace this and what of the futre bookings arriving in the next days?? HWta do I do for them.

Olease help with suggestions.

Thanks Dominique

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Corinne Orde

The first thing to do is to use the "report guest misconduct" button against his details in the Extranet. Explain exactly what happened. The second thing to do is contact your insurance company. In both cases, follow any advice given. If you think you are unlikely to recover the stolen goods, try to order as many new replacements online as you can afford. This is essential to keep the rooms/apartments open and the money coming in while you argue with insurers etc. Keep all your receipts to show your insurance company, police etc. And get the locks changed today in case the thieves come back for more!

9 months ago
Jessie & Jay (…

We operate a B&B in Canada. We have installed a video camera over the driveway and a video camera doorbell as well. (No camera's inside our home). It would be extremely difficult for someone to remove anything out the back of the property due to the terrain. We get motion alerts sent to our phones and we can view the cameras video feeds when away from the house. We are using Ring camera products that record to our cloud accounts which we can download the video and give to the police if needed. We pray that we never have to any reason to have to contact the police.

Hopefully between BDC and the police you recover you appliances!

9 months ago

I would suggest that you keep the credit card details of all bookings so that in the future you can charge to their account for any damages, items stolen, also for no shows and cancellations outside of your cancellation policy. But you need to inform them of the possible charges, as in house rules. should be able to advise. All I have have stolen so far is my toothbrush and toothpaste! Last year I had several runners, unfortunately before I had a credit card facility. I charge all bookings as they come through now so it gives me time for them to give a valid credit card number if the first one is declined. If they do not supply a valid credit card the booking is cancelled. I am surprised as to how many are declined. I wish that had a booking and review system, as dare I say airbnb. Airbnb guests are so different, no hassles with being paid and the reviews by the host keeps them honest. I have not had any no shows or cancellations with airbnb guests.

Do not let this bad experience upset you,its not worth it.

Kind regards.


9 months ago