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guests threatening with bad review

This year I had a situation where a guests came to the reception after staying for 1 night, asking to have the apartment totally cleaned and changed all the towels , although according to the policy it should be changed the next day, not only that she requested it by screaming to the reception but was asking for that it during the evening time when the maintaining is not on duty, while on the other side the apartments rules and cleaning is clearly described into the letters on each apartment door, despite this fact the guest wanted to have an cleaning of the apartment in the night time just one day after arrival. Of course we denied it, mainly because of her behavior but also because it was not possible at that time and even not to the booking policy at all, after she understood our re-fusion, she started threatening if she will got the cleaning she will leave an bad comment on the house, with the aim of "give me what I want or I will leave an bad review" which of course we denied again fully. After it immediately I have written to booking (review section) to inform them in advance about this situation, just in case if this guests leaves an bad review it will be just because of the threatening to us and not filling their impossible request! 

Did someone had such an similar situation and how they solved it with the review afterwards?

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Dear Bazzar,

Thank you so much for your informations and this topic.

I have two bad experiences with bad reviews. One is from the guest from the Irak. We helped this guest everything: from breakfast, drinks, additional beer and luggage. That group was not organized and pay us with dollars, not kunas and give us more many than was reservation price..but we returned that amount. That man, or correctly not any guest or man, because he phisically provoced my dad with physical power (not knowing fact that is not cultural,but we solved without any problem) leave us 8.3 and say that we not deserved rating 9.9 like we rating us, not guests, and say we are nice hosts and grade us 7.5/10.

Next experience is with the people from Germany (immigrants from Afghanistan). We behaved like gentlemens with that group of people, give them fod, drink, informations... In the morning check-out is to maximum 11 o clock because of arrival of other guests. That guests leave apartment after 12 o clock and give us 0 euros for that. They make some damage in apartment and result for our effort and kindness-6.3.

I contacted and they say to me that they delete bad grades only in two cases-but that cases are only story for small children. We were aware that they not have an intention to help us in that situation and delete that 6.3 grade without comment. And in future we can have some guests who became like idiots, leave bad grades and your success is=0 points for being kind and nice. say to me that they can not delete that review and caused damage and that is the risk of the job-what is sense of that kind of business? Someone makes you damage, leave apartment when they want ignoring the rules and writing review without comment like some kind of smiling about your business.

What is the sense of that situations?

Thanks a lot fr ideas or comments.


9 months ago

I regret to say that contacting BDC is pretty useless as they view their business as guest relation first, the properties appear to be expendable.

It therefore annoys me when they refer to us as 'partners' as we are no such thing. In my experience, when it comes to a problem between the guest and the hotel they will side with the guest.

I do believe that the system of reviews they use is not helpful. I would rather a score based purely on smiley faces - have the categories and click on a unhappy face, non-plussed or smiling.

Rate them 1, 2 and 3

Keep the topics to





Value for money

I am dubious about 'Facilities' because it is such a catch all - if you book a 5 star you have a gym and swimming pool. If you book a guest house you don't - so why let the guest down rate you solely because you don't have a trouser press?

Cut out the blurb in favour of preset concluding statements

Excellent - would go again (3 points)

Good (2 points)

Not likely to go again (1 point)

Then base the overall on the average.

8 months ago
Contact never protects the host regarding reviews. I just had a situation where a guest refused to pay the full amount of the booking, insisted I accept 31 euro instead of 42 euro, and when I refused this he left a 2.5 score review. My apartment is great and we provided everything promised in the listing. He just put the score to hurt us for not allowing him to pay what he wanted. is refusing to delete that review, even though they can see the messages the guest wrote about the payment, etc. They just don't care, but that review is going to hurt my listing. And because it is just a score, I cannot leave a reply to the review...

This has happened before too, where the guest lies and allows it.

What irks me also, is that does not allow us to write our own text and emphasize the payment details and policies up front, Instead they write some baloney text and hide the details in the small print.. then when we have problems with the guests who did not read the small print, does not stand by us. We are the victim, used and abused by the corporation...

5 months ago

Contact - I feel for you here.

Just an observation, but want us to post comments here so they can learn how to improve. I think they need to take on board such criticisms if they want to use this forum to improve. It would be nice to hear from the BDC representative on this topic.

5 months ago