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Home away home


As an owner of the property, i always want my guests to feel like home, even my team go extra mile to make sure they feel " Home Away Home"

Asking them continually shortly how they are doing, try to solve their problem always  make them feel secured. 

A cup of traditional tea, warm comforting soup when they are not feeling well makes them feel Home and comfy.

I sometimes give them free tour around the heritage area. 

They appreciate a lot.

They Experience safe, homely environment. 


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Laura, Communi…

Hi Hiraguesthouse,

Thanks for your post! Welcome to the Forum :)

Please feel free to jump into this month's Show and Tell post about creating great first impressions for guests.

If you have any photos of your traditional tea and soup offering, please feel free to share these too! Other partners would love to see how you make your guests feel welcome.

Happy posting,


10 months ago

Sure, i would love to take a picture and post as well ..

10 months ago

I was pleased to see references of 'home from home' in our visitors book and in some reviews.

We achieved this by letting guests feel unfettered and welcome to move from their room to the communal kitchen and onto the garden roof terrace whenever they liked.

Not feeling like you have to spend all your time cooped up in your room but wander down for a cuppa and strike up chats with fellow guests seem to make people feel welcome and many have returned stating they felt very relaxed.

9 months ago