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Is hosting fun?

Can hosting be fun? Yes indeed it can be. Seeing things from the bright side hosting can be fun.
I’ve been taken out for dinner with guests, shared a bottle of wine, cooked for them, they cooked for me (I had a chef guest), I’ve been invited to visit my guests in their home countries. I love hosting, I love meeting new people and learn about other cultures. Maybe I have been lucky, maybe it’s because I invest time trying to be helpful and meet my guests needs.
Yes sometimes we can all get irritated by sharing our space but sharing is caring.

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We have also experienced the above. In addition we have had obnoxious guests, thankfully in the minority.

Those bad guests do unfortunately stick in your mind, same as any mistake or blunder we may make with a guest sticks in their minds. It's human nature.

Overall, yes it's fun.

9 months ago
M Adamopoulou

fluff so nice that you also agree that hosting is fun.After all we only live once so don’t worry and be happy...

9 months ago