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How to get more reviews?

Not every guest leaves a review for my property, and I know it's important for future guests to see what others thought of the place. 

Are there any tips you have for encouraging people to leave a review for your property? I typically just follow-up at the end of their stay, ask them how things were, and ask kindly for one. But not all guests follow-through on writing...

What can I do to increase the chances a guest will leave me a review? 

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Chad Davis

I also send a message after checkout, to thank the guests, and end on a positive note.

I don't generally directly ask for a review, but now that you mention it, I might try that out.

1 year ago
Steve Thorogood

In the real world of reviews I can only see around 10% of which are bona- fide Most are either inaccurate, misinformation, or even subjective and cannot be relied on, IE, "This is the best Hotel in Devon", when they have only stayed in Devon once. "dont stay here, My window looked out on the car park and room was small" when they choose that room booked it when there was an option for sea-view and large room albeit for a few pounds more. We have a policy to let guests have freedom and peace and to allow guests not to be overbeared by zealous staff and as so our principles are in place to call us by bell push at reception to get attention, most like it but sometimes We get guests who review there was never any staff,and we never saw anybody, these reviews cannot be true, how did they get to check-in receive keycard, sit at breakfast and get served, get a drink from the bar chat about the weather and so on, its these guest who are probably lonely and want companionship and in reality are reviewing themselves and not actually the Hotel. Car park issues like "there was no parking and I was forced to park on the main road and pay" when in actual fact there was loads of parking, the guest didn't really look around the side of the building for parking nor did the hotel Force him in any way nor did he come to reception (yes Press the call button) and ask.... But My main gripe would be malicious reviews and in my book this is totally unacceptable and a way should be available of stopping this, for starts if it can be proven by the hotel, then the review and marks should be removed discounted and not what happens "its not against our guidelines therefore the review stays" Guest who review should be accountable for what the submit and if its proven to be fraudulent it should be acted upon, example, guest books a single occupancy reservation but two enjoy the room, guest approached and questioned, guest gets angry and starts swearing and threats are made of bad review, bad review submitted. all on CCTV, evidence there. photo shots or footage can be supplied., easy one for to see witness and act on, But they Dont.

1 year ago

I worked in a hotel where staff had to have on them small printouts to handout to guests where it states something in line: If you have feedback please leave a review on and this looked like small busness cards - it helped a lot :) maybe can be transfered as idea for our "small properties"

1 year ago
Kathleen Davenhall

On the subject of reviews - since being with from 21st May 2017 we have had very regular reviews. I don't discuss a review with our guests but feel it is up to the individual guest but I always chat with new guests and chat on their departure. I don't believe in getting over anxious about what people write as long as your 'product ' ie in our case self catering cottages is as high a standard as possible

1 year ago
Nicky McClymont

Hello partner forum,

In response to how we make guests happy and get great reviews?

Well, firstly I ensure that our cottages are cleaned to the highest possible standard, followed by personalising my emails to each guest using the templates option, then tweak as required, answering any questions asked and offering as much detail as possible. I then allow my guests some settling in time on arrival, before arriving myself to welcome them personally, that way I can answer any further questions that they may have about the cottage itself, or our surroundings, including checking the weather for the duration of their stay, suggestions on Must See places to visit, the best beaches, wildlife spots and great restaurants. Our guests seem to enjoy this personal, warm welcome.

So in summary, my top tip would be to build a helpful and friendly relationship with your guests, both before and during their stay, as required, yet discreetly.

Oh, and lastly, never become complacent, stay genuine and keep putting in 100% effort with each and every guest.

Bramble Cottage
Isle Of Mull

1 year ago

Good day to all

Well the best advice I can give is:

1. Inform your guest's on what is happening around you and what there is to do [example:]

* Surrounded areas things to do I made my own book that I give my guest if they stay more than one day, Restaurant, Game drives, Hiking, Mountain biking, Museums e.t.c.

What things there are in your area to improve your guest's stay [example;]

* Atm, garage, shops and how far it is from you

* Tell your guest to bring everything along as it might be far to drive again.

* Tell them what you cell [example:]

* wood

* ice

Also, tell your guest that you can't wait to meet them in person as you only spoke over the phone and via email, make them feel welcome before they come.

And last but not least:

When they arrive to make sure to meet them and greet them as if they are the prime minister:

Friendly, Polite, Guest driven, willing to walk the extra mile for your guest

Just make sure you gave them all the info they needed before arrival and that you sent them the coordinates and so on, as guests don't like to drive in circles, and to make sure you collaborate via email so that there are no misunderstandings and you have everything o black and white.

And to make sure payment has been made BEFORE ARRIVAL so that there are no unpleasantries on arrival.

Kind Regards

Siloam Village

Team: Caroline & Daniel

1 year ago

I believe any reviews left by a guest that is less than the half should have the option to leave a comment by the owner of the inn to explain sometimes if you have a nondisgruntled guest . don't know why this person left a bad review after great comment , great stay, good times at the table at breakfast.

1 year ago

Yes as we all know

you can’t keep everybody happy all the time

i have over 100 quests ,thru out the summer.ranging from ASD

ASD attention seeking disorder,spongebobs,its a numbers game

you always never know the personality of your guests.

my little poor home is budget and low priced private room with ensuite,with breakfast for 30-40$

and I make no money out of it it’s a service that cost me ,but I like people ,

but review s are not always true ,

we have to accept it the review,or lack of them ,3%of people are extremely good

3% extremely bad and every one else is in between,

my first review was a bad one,

the people said it was not clean and poor

when the room was new and no one had stayed in it

also they never arrived and stayed ,but cancelled on the day ,

yes how can a guest make a poor review,not stay in a brand new unit35$

and leave a comment like that which I have still being graded on

life’s a bitch , you move on and meet the nice people forget the slopps,and know that it doesn’t matter if you’re got a

new room

new200$ sheets

new everything

free breakfast worth the value of the room cost

some are never ever ever happy 😃 and they’ll except more ,

shit happen ,we move on daily god bless you 💖 love from New Zealand 🇳🇿

1 year ago

How can you tell when guests just want to be left alone after you have welcomed them or want you to spend time with them? Never can tell!

1 year ago