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I want to travel to Siem Reap, Bali and Ho Chi Minh. Do you have a property there?

Hello everyone,

I'm planning a holiday for myself. As mentioned in the title, I'm interested in finding some great places to stay at in these locations.

I will be staying between 10-18 days in each of the locations. The period is between 5 January and 20 February.

I'm interested in the following offers and services for 2 PAX:

- accommodation (must be something economical with AC included)

- breakfast 

- rental car/scooter

- local tours, sightseeing, personal trips

Let's see  who can offer some of these and with partner prices (direct booking).

This would be an attempt to better use the forum and connect with partners while bringing them business and sharing ideas while we stay at each other's place.

Warm regards,

Zsolt -

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Leandri Klopper

Hi Zsolt!

Glad to see you survived the peak season.

We were talking about a concept like this on another thread just the other day, I really think it's a good idea. It encourages collaboration etc.

Here is the thread if you are interested:Looking for a places to stay in Milan, Venice and Paris

I hope someone will have a good offer for you!

Keep well.

1 year ago
Thuild - Your …

Hello Leandri,

I haven't survived it yet. I'm in the middle of it.
It lasts until the end of September here.

I will keep this thread alive as the other one is not in my interest. I don't really like to travel in Europe. At least not on this budget and not in January.

Let's hope some nice partners will submit some offers here so I can make some plans.

Best regards,
Zsolt -

1 year ago