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If you could create a slogan for your property, what would it be?

Hi all!

Since I was happily retired in my earlys 50s I moved to my country house in Oropos. I decided to focus on things that really matter to me and make me happier.

I decided to downsize, shrink my house, my wardrobe ect. While leaving with less and no less I discovered what it means to be “really living” .  The nourishing connection with mother nature has done miracles.

These days simplicity is the new luxury.

Therefore my property slogan would be:

“The Luxury of Simplicity in Oropos Village”.

What would your slogan be for your property???

Wishing everybody a beautiful week.....

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michael beeston

Surfers Paradise by Helicopter....FANTASTIC...Enjoy everyone and come to Aussie one day........Michael. ( The coffee is almost as good as Greek coffee haha)

9 months ago
M Adamopoulou

Bandara-Hotels-Resorts I should thank you again and again for your helpful contribution to this forum.

I love to travel. Maybe one day I will get the chance to visit you. I love Thailand and have beautiful memmories.

Graham-Fisher amazing fox. Your gardener very brave also...

michael-beeston your place is wonderful. Love your furniture.

Thank you all guys, with all these pictures its like travelling around the world.

9 months ago

Wow Graham Love those pictures, yes your gardener is very brave !! It seems like the fox is like a pet, haha.

Michael Beeston, omg love those amazing views ! Beautiful

9 months ago
Leandri Klopper


Graham Fisher , Very much enjoyed those! His face is quite riddled. It's like he is not sure whether he thinks it's cute or whether he is a bit nervous... :-D Highly entertaining.

9 months ago
M Adamopoulou

Hey Leandri we are missing your pictures and Christmas is almost here...

9 months ago