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Improving Guest Experience

Why are the reviews on sorted by 'Recommend'. Who gives the authority for the 'Recommended' reviews, the guests or Why can't the reviews be listed in date order which are more honest reviews.

Why can't add an option for two bedrooms?

Why can't add an option for two bathroom?

Are all properties checked onsite by a representative of I have received conflicting answers to this question by our local representative. Can anyone list a property with no guest safety rules in place?

Is it necessary to list properties when they are sold out and also list them on the map when they are sold out?. This is terribly annoying for guests as they have to scroll through endless listings they cannot book.

Why would list properties which have very low review scores eg under 7. Doesn't care about the quality of their listings.

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Thuild - Your …

Dear ...,

Here come the clarifications, strap in:

1. Recommended reviews are sorted automatically by the system, more relevant ones go to the top, it's an algorithm that selects them. All reviews are honest because they are the private opinions of guests.

2. 3. Possible:

4. No, nobody really checks your property from BDC. Maybe if the area manager goes for a visit, they will drop by to chat, but surely it will not be an audit or something like that.

5. Yes, think of private apartments, they don't have fire-safety and other things like commercial ones and they can still be listed.

6. When you don't have availability, the system doesn't put your property into search results for people who search the location. However, it might show top properties to be sold out after the available list ends. You should not intervene in this area and only update the availability to reflect your status. Usually people look at the property list for their search, not the map.

7. Listing quality has nothing to do with that. The hotel might be under 7 in score, however people still want to book with them and stay there. Why would you judge them for that? It's clearly a guest's choice to choose whatever they want.

I'm out,

Zsolt -

10 months ago