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Irrelevant review

My property type is Apartment, and I am a new to the community of, and just today I had the saddest experience so far. I have received such a low rating review with no comment, so I can not even reply to it so the potential guests are not misguided by this.

I strongly disagree with the latest guest's review.

Being a frequent traveller myself, I am always understanding towards the tourists needs. Not only I provided early checkin at 9 am by their first demand, I also allowed late checkout at 3 pm absolutely free of charge. I replied all their numerous calls and messages at once, which I can prove by providing my phone's print screens. I always check myself how clean the apartment is after the maid and before the guests come, so I can tell for sure the apartment was perfectly clean. Besides, after my second (out of 3 in total) review of 8,8 points I renovated kitchen and small bedroom. I do not know the reason why my apartment is not so popular on booking (although I can suggest, it is because of the poor rating system), but it is quite popular on airbnb, where I have 100% positive reviews from more than 15 different guests and general rating 5 out of 5, which I can also prove by providing a link or print screens. (This actually brings up an issue of the web-service support. I tried to contact booking to resolve some issues, but they remained unanswered. I do not care through which service my apartment is booked, the prices are the same and I get my benefit anyway, but here airbnb is simply having my commission instead of booking.) 

I would like to ask to do something about this review, because it is inadequate and is not proved by any comments of the guest, nor photos of untidy apartment. And what is the most shocking is Staff point of 5 after all my service and support provided. Should do something about it? I can provide my apartment any time for any personnel or representative of in order to prove that it is not even a little as is reflected in this review, not to mention the Staff. This is all very disappointing and makes me feel like stop being partners with booking, although it is hard to say the service is willing to help. I understand they need travelers opinion in order to minimize bad experience of guests, so they continue using the service. But there should be some protection of the owners reputation, especially of small properties.

Thanks for reading!

Best regards,

Marina Samsonova


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Thuild - Your …

Dear Marina,

I know how you feel. The same way I've felt when I got my 2.5 review on BDC.

However, you cannot do much in this case, just move on. People will be people and some of them are bat **** crazy to say the least.

Others will come and leave a better review. People will look at reviews and see if it has comments or not. A bad review without comments is viewed as spam, nothing more in people's eyes. However if they do leave a comment, you can reply and make your story as I have done.

That 2.5 review did absolutely nothing to ruin my business, actually I have twice the amount of bookings. So go forth and stay strong.

Best regards,

Zsolt -

1 year ago
Hennie's Rest

I also feel the same way first time I got 3.0 score the guest said they had no privacy. I was not even here and checked in on them for few hours (leaving my dancers at a competition to do so) as I live on the premises aswell. Now I get a review of 4.6 that the kettle was dirty, which I checked the morning they arrived, they have boiled the ketlle without water, broke the towel rail and chair. I did reply to their review like the previous one. I would like to see if publish it this time. I also reported the breakages to

They were rude guests. I think like airbnb we should be allowed to review the guest aswell maybe then people would not trash your place and take better care of it.

Hope improve their reviewing system.



1 year ago

Dear Marina

I just had the same situation. Our property is listed on BDC since 2014 with permanent each year review score 9.7 out of 10. Yesterday I got an anonymous 5.8 score from a family which marked their stay as single traveler for me not to figure out which guest it was. It was very easy to figure out who left this irrelevant score as the country was visible. 80% of my guests are foreigners and review was left by local family (generation of 4 women) who already seemed to be in a bad mood at the moment of arrival. They stayed for 2 nights and the older woman apparently had some kind of health or mental problems. They left our property in a big hurry as if they have been late for a plane, but what was the real reason I discovered when changing bed linen for the next guests. Both blanket and bed sheet was as wet as if someone has spelled a big bowl of water on them, and, unfortunately, it was not a water. The old lady who stayed at home when other ladies were at the seaside has ** in the bed 2 days long...I am very tolerant person as concerns my guests and I just swallowed it and did not do anything. It turned out such a big mistake. I should have reported a guest misconduct as serious damage was done to my furniture. And now, on the top of this, when BDC sent them reminder for last chance to review my property someone was just ticking on phone without having an idea of damage what they already have done to me and to my property. The most disgusting experience I have ever had in my life. Now I am seriously thinking about asking deposit payment for all local guests who visit my property. I never had any problem with tourists but locals often tend to break all possible house rules. I am listed also on AirBnB and it gives me possibility to check and decide what guests I let into my property. I never had problems with AirBnB guests even with local ones. Actually, it is the high time and an absolute must for BDC to introduce guest review system. When I started in 2014, my BDC share of total bookings was 90%. In 2018 it is 40%...I actually have a choice. We all do.



10 months ago

Dear Parsla,

I am very sorry to hear about your experience!

The last time I had guests from I got a very low point review (around 5), I could not comment on it again, so I literally contacted the guests by the phone (since we at least can have their numbers), and asked them directly what was wrong, so they replied: "We just had generally bad experience of our journey, you place was great, we just did not have enough fun at your town." So how can you deal with such inadequate people? How can I explain to them, that the review score correlates with my income directly, and that their general dissatisfaction must not influence it? How can I explain potential guests that it is not that my apartment sucks, it is just guests did not have fun in the town?

I have left and now I use different services, airbnb mostly, because I'd realized booking was not really interested in cooperation with smaller properties. Apparently, their commission does not cover the costs of communication with property owners. Apart from all the inconveniences with inappropriate reviews which cannot be commented on or removed, delayed the payout for June for 10 (ten!!) days, and not only they did not provide any compensation for this or at least apologies, they even did not reply my numerous emails and calls to them, and their hotline told me they did not know what to do, and recommended me to use the message service. It is not a win-win cooperation, it is not partnership, because imagine if you delay their commission even for a day, ignore their requests, and continue to use their services.

My biggest disappointment in cannot be reflected in this message, but I realize the commission from my property is not a bis loss for, they remain one of the biggest services. But why should I waste my money and time on booking if I can deal with the services that treat even smaller properties as partners, allow equal conditions for both guests and hosts, and react to the other party of cooperation.

Anyhow, I sincerely wish you better guests who respect you and your property!

Best regards,


10 months ago

Thank you, Marina!

You just wrote almost word by word what I had in mind. Almost all lower scores from my guests came from those who had stayed in rainy day but booked with a hope for fine weather. People are so sensitive, they do not care about review guidelines. I have seen lots of reviews telling that there was seaweed in the beach or coastline was too stony or village itself was too small. I find all these reviews absolutely irrelevant and nothing to do with the property and its hospitality. One of my relatives who has property on BDC got 5.0 for smelling water and dirty floors. When he contacted the guest it turned out that guest has stayed in 4 different properties during his trip and just got mixed up when reviewing them. Guest contacted BDC to explain his mistake and bad review was removed.

I also got my money transfer for June with 10 days delay. I think we all got as there was some issues they later said. First 2 years when I was working with cash payment only BDC used to send me invoice on the 3rd day of next month stating the payment deadline 15th of each month. If I had not paid until 10th the debt collecting department already sent me a warning email asking to do it by 15th. Now when I have BDC "collecting payment from guests on behalf of property" I could easily send them a warning, too. Maybe I do one day.

I recently came across interesting article about both BDC and AirBnB. Maybe you will find it useful, too.

Here is a short excerpt of the article which tells everything: "Asked to comment on Airbnb’s competition with Booking, Airbnb spokesman Nick Papas said, “Airbnb is growing faster and spending less because we have a community model as opposed to Booking’s commodity model. Airbnb hosts are part of a community and treated as partners while Booking treats hosts as commodities.”

Article can be found here:

I wish you lots of lovely guests from all over the world!


10 months ago