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Jacuzzi in guesthouse - paid or complimentary?

Hello all,

I am new to this forum and would like some advice.

My guesthouse does have a jacuzzi (currently for private use only).  I am considering offering it to guests for a limited time of the day (given it takes hours to heat up!).

Has anyone done this in their accommodation?  I have heard horror stories about potential pitfalls of doing this so am nervous!

Thanks for your advice!


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Gerda Pretorius

Hi Claire, i have the same setup and was considering it as well! I will wait and see what other partners suggest!

1 year ago

If you are happy to swallow the extra expense of running it for guests and the increased maintenance then it's a very attractive extra to offer free.

Alternatively and my choice, why not offer rooms with the option of using the jacuzzi included at an increased price. Those who don't book may pay a separate rate. Many hotels do exactly this.

1 year ago

Thanks for all the advice. The horror stories mainly come from friends who have stayed in small B&B's/guesthouses and have witnessed what carnage went on when the jacuzzi was on!

1 year ago
Leandri Klopper

Hey Claire,

Thanks for posting!

It's an amazing thing to offer. But ... there is still a water Crises in the Western Cape. The winter rains helped but I don't think the crises is over just yet. What if a guest takes you on about that? How will it look if you offer this in a city that is recovering from a drought? Perhaps it will bring a different type of horror story for you to tell.

Just thinking, it's such a beneficial thing to offer but perhaps now is not the time?

My opinion alone though.

1 year ago


That is true but my jacuzzi is filled from borehole water as I live very close to a huge body of water so does not use any municipal water.

I agree though and will wait!

1 year ago