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Kato dool the Jewel of Nile (colorful)

In the Nubian area (so not in Aswan city, which can be confusing), right on the river Nile, Kato Dool is a very nice place to spend a few days exploring the areas around Aswan. The rooms are very nice, comfortable and the atmosphere is great. Everything is brightly painted, and the outdoor areas is very cosy, with tables and bean bag chairs where to spend a lovely evening reading by the Nile. The staff was very nice, ready to help and support with every request. My friend and I had already checked out and then had to come back to the hotel after a few hours as our flight was cancelled, and the welcomed us back with no issues. Food is good (although they have an extensive menu, only a few things are available though!), and the staff can prepare packaged breakfasts for the trips starting early in the morning (like Abu Simbel). The portions are massive, so you definitely won't go hungry!

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