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#key = Without a effective process of constant improvement of quality there is no real increase of score

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Congratulations David!

Tell us more about how you're getting such great reviews?

1 year ago
David S

Well, thank you Brooke

I will try to put on side all our facility capabilities, because its complex to share possibilities of improving them, so I will share a bit of personal things we can/must do as a hosts- good attitude we can apply anywhere ;)

As first after we send welcoming templates (which we made in 8 foreign languages), I believe its very important to send message on whatsapp or viber (if guests have those app on their phone) for easier comminication and also to attach gps location of accommodation. In this way I belive as host I leave safe feeling to guests that they can fastly contact me for anything they want to know.

After being done with communication (technical) things, there is time of meeting. If we wait our guests- First they need to get feeling that we are pleasant and ready to help in any questions.

Big city- show them things interesting on map of city, offer them to have cup of coffee,tea, or even some beer :) (especially if they stay longer beacuse we got good financial goal) Small town- beside this posibilities that are mentioned, If we can do some quick walk through town with them (highly recommend for those with location-score 9 above) just to show them few interesting things.

Depends how much they stay- call,message them just to check if is all ok. Guests like to know that somebody care if they are satisfied enough with accommodation.

Final- As mostly over booking web we get new people to be our guest for first time. ITS EASY TO GET GUESTS FOR FIRST TIME (they can have wrong idea of accommodation and services they will get) BUT BIGGEST SUCCESS WE CAN MAKE IS THO SEE THE SAME PEOPLE TO BE OUR GUESTS AGAIN! THEN WE KNOW WE DID RIGHT THINGS AS HOSTS.

I hope you find something that can be helpfull here :P

1 year ago