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Lovely guest found a surprise in their room this morning

They say never work with animals or children, well if you run a family business in your home, it's hard to distance your children.

I have 2 lovely guests in my twin room and the lady called me this morning and said I have something for you. I waited in the hall and she brought me out a bowl of cereal with no milk, that was under her bed. 

I had cleaned the room yesterday and before the guests arrived my youngest decided to bring me up a bowl of cereal as he knows I sometimes forget to eat rushing around. He wanted to surprise me so in a panic, he put them under the bed and then obviously forgot about them until I saw his sheepish face.

In fairness, he was trying to surprise me but it was the guests who found the surprise, they were really lovely about it. and he said sorry to them, he has a mop of blonde curls and blue eyes so gets away with murder !!

Thankfully they found the funny side of it.

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Dawn Oliver

Zero defect is what guests expect and one needs to check each and every time. A friendly apology is all you could do and perhaps offer a discount if needs be.

1 year ago