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I would like to see the end of the sentence on the website that says only one room left on our site now I know booking .com will say it's because they offer the cheapest room first but I and many of my guests just find it misleading, if I've got 2 rooms left what's wrong with saying that then when the guests opens up the window they can then pick from different priced rooms. Has to go please booking .com team

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Yes i would agree with that, if i have 3 rooms available, then i would like guests to know this as all my rooms are different. thanks

1 year ago

Yes agree, it is very misleading an false advertising on behalf of B.Com.

Many guests turn up here having booked the cheapest room thinking it's the last room and finding all our other rooms available and with the exact facilities they require.

I end up changing them around and giving them a different room/apartment sometimes for no extra charge, even though they are getting more facilites.

It's not fair to operators or guests. STOP doing it please.

1 year ago