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 Good day

I am running three PCs, home, office and mobile phone.

So, depending on the situation, I connect to on different PC and make a reservation.

I staed at hotel Prunential in Hongkong for 4 days at end of september.

This month I made 4 times reservation. The hotel Palace(Feb.8.~9.2018) in KotaKinabalu, the Mama's SOHO at Riverson(Feb.9.~11.2018) 2 days, Saba Beach Villas & suites(Feb.11.~14.2018) 3 days, Hotel Bom(Dec.30.2017~Jan.1.2018) in Busan 2 days.

However, I can not see all the reservation status on one PC,

and can see the reservation status only by connecting each of the three PCs.

Is not it funny in the 21 Century?

I have chosen to be one of my favorite sites because of the convenience of booking hotels,

but it is disappointng at the end.

Your sincerely




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Hi Jonghwa,

that is a bit weird... I traveled 2 months ago and did 4 reservations: one from home laptop, one from work and one on android app. I was logged in with email so wherever I try to see my reservations i can see those in My Bookings.

Did you book all of them with the same contact address?



1 year ago